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Application Development

With the rapid rise in the technology, the usage of web is being extending to wide variety of devices, including tablets, Smartphones, etc., for accessing the web at any time or any place. We help our customers to evolve and go ahead with our innovative variety of technologies and trends, which include:

  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Improved Interactiveness
  • Mobile or Tablet Optimization

In order to beat the competitive time lines and uncompromising budgets, businesses worldwide are in need of customized applications. Choosing a pioneering plan serves as a path for businesses to be ahead in the global competitive race.

iNative has the ability to perceive the essentials of application development and deliver the outcome that result in cost savings. Our capability extends to handling the challenges faced in businesses through properly planned, designed and developed applications. We deliver scalable applications across wide range of platforms.

ur application development services encompass the following:

  • Design, development and execution of application
  • Integration of systems
  • Porting services and enhancing system performance
  • Collective execution

Now-a-days, businesses depend on applications that are highly responsive and complex. At the same time, applications are in a definite need of advanced user interface to provide quick response to the user actions.

Rich Internet application (RIA) development has a significant role in today’s web development industry for its innovation and quality. The advancement of web development technologies and the enhanced support in the recent web browsers has improved the capability of RIA. They can be deployed on desktops and can be accessed on any browser to provide rich experience to users.

iNative has recognized the importance of RIA in web development applications, for which it has employed the expert team of professionals, who can develop appealing applications through RIA development platforms such as Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flex. We change the remarkable designs into sophisticated software applications to generate optimal web experience for end users. Responsive Web Design extends this experience to any other device making sure that the application works irrespective of the selected device

Open Source has caused great revolution in the development of software, for it can minimize the software license cost without adjusting on the functionality and features provided by software that is marketed and protected by a registered trade name.

iNative is committed to help organizations to make the best usage and organization of open source software. Our proficiency gained over the years is capable of building enhanced open source applications; thereby, one is not required to finance for costly licenses and requirements of server. Our services help the developers to execute their tasks in a minimum possible time, effort and cost.

We have the expert team, whose proficiency in Open source management cannot be equaled in the industry. We provide the complete range of services to handle the requirements of open source. Our knowledge on the open source Web Content Management System (WCMS) and Service oriented architecture (SOA) framework speeds up the development process concerning various languages.

Domains We Work

Our Team



Startup's Lifecycle Support

  • Project Requirement Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Technology Analysis
  • Provides the IT solution and support to Startup's
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing/Implementation
  • Launch Activities
  • Deployment
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance
  • BPO/Call Center Support

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is follow of employing a network of remote servers hosted on the web to store, manage, and method information, instead of a local server or a private pc.

Why use clouds?

Clouds will give users with variety of various advantages.

Many businesses massive and tiny use cloud computing nowadays either directly (e.g. Google or Amazon) or indirectly (e.g. Twitter) rather than ancient on-site alternatives. There are variety of reasons why cloud computing is thus wide used among businesses nowadays.

Reduction of prices – in contrast to on-site hosting the worth of deploying applications within the cloud are often less due to lower hardware costs from more practical use of physical resources.

Universal access - cloud computing will permit remotely located staff to access applications and work via the web.

Up to date software - a cloud supplier also will be able to upgrade software keeping in mind feedback from previous software releases.

Choice of applications - This permits flexibility for cloud users to experiment and select the simplest possibility for their needs. Cloud computing additionally permits a business to use, access and pay just for what they use, with a quick implementation time

Potential to be greener associated additional economical - the average quantity of energy required for a computational action applied within the cloud is far less than the average quantity for an on site preparation. As a result totally different organisations can share the same physical resources securely, leading to more economical use of the shared resources.

Flexibility – cloud computing permits users to change applications simply and rapidly, victimization the one that suits their needs best. However, migrating information between applications will be a problem.


A procedures we follow to build a new technology for improving the quality of experience.

"Requirements analysis is important aspect of project management. Requirements analysis process is for determining user expectations for a new or modified product".

"Process of developing software in several series of steps in successive phases and testing the software to identify gapsand missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements".

"Final stage testing (Beta) before it is commercially released. Live release is process to launcing new product to market".

"A product requires ongoing maintenance, enhancements or plug-ins, in order to match the shifting market needs and newer technology platforms".

Mobile App Development

We follow the process for delivering quality Mobile application

Below Process for mobile application development

  • Explore your business objective
  • Create an application flow of the objective
  • Develop and deploy the mobile applications either as an application that can be downloaded or as an enterprise application

We have gained recognition over the past few years for offering professional android application development services. Our eminent team of Android developers has the competence to design, develop, test and deploy enhanced applications. Moreover, our expertise in Android’s SDK, APIs, security architecture and other technologies has resulted in the development of the most ingenious Android apps. We develop highly robust, scalable applications, and the UI we develop for the applications hold good competition in the market.

We create customized applications that can be extended for any android devices. Most significantly the team’s effort in performing research, analysis and performance has been fulfilling the requirements of our clients and their access to the latest tools and technologies.

What Our Customers Think

"You were organised very easy to work with. I am extremely pleased with the work done by iNative. It was an absolute good to work with you and I felt the quality of your work was excellent".Medintu
The cooperation is good and the level of service we receive from iNative fulfils our needs. They are truly agile and are able to react promptly to changes that we need to face.UK Grocery Market
iNative did a good job, and we knew exactly what to expect. They worked together well under pressure and delivered in the face of a really tight deadline. They really took their job seriously and treated customers with respect.Yenoh Soft

Testing Services

Testing Uniqueness

In today’s business environment, IT systems stand as a base for attaining performance at the highest level. However, they must be cost-effective, agile and must be capable of using innovative technologies

iNative has all the essential testing methodologies and frameworks to build services that would enhance the quality, quickness and usability of the IT systems. We help organizations to attain excellence in their businesses through automation, testing strategy and consulting. Moreover, we focus on providing enhanced governance, scalable plan and an approved testing process that enables the clients to attain maximum advantage.

Mobile Testing

Mobile application testing is complex compared to testing web applications, for it is required to test the applications on wide range of platforms and versions, various conditions of connectivity and hardware. Besides, the initiation of latest devices and its improvements necessitate additional testing cycles to meet the customer expectations.

iNative Advantages

Our distinct testing center delivers error free software, while ensuring 100% satisfaction of the customers .Our significant advantages encompass the following:

  • Planned test process consulting
  • Creative Frameworks and solutions
  • Central focus on testing based on technology
  • Focus on enhanced performance and customer satisfaction
  • Testing services for various competent domains

BPO Services

With the rising demand in customers to have the best in class services, companies are striving hard to keep up profitability. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a planned step for companies seeking to enhance services, minimize costs and improve efficiency of processes to acquire highest performance level in the industry.

Advanced analytics:

We deploy advanced analytics in order to accelerate growth of revenue and reduction of cost.

Innovative technology:

We use the industry standards to offer scalable, repeatable and certain services.

Customer satisfaction:

Our capability to adapt and deploying managed and controlled methods make sure to establish enduring relationship with the clients. We help our customers in changing the operations on site prior to moving it to the vendor.

End-to-end business solutions:

We offer integrated services with best customer management and support that would impact the business performance of our clients.

Platform based & industry focused solutions:

We provide our important clients with the integrated IT and BPO service level agreements and commercial/pricing models.

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