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Aims at innovating and providing the best software solutions to the needs of our customers that are not being efficiently met by traditional firms or by pure software and technology development companies.

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In today’s world Customer Centric Solutions are of paramount importance and we iNative Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd work towards offering the latest technology based solutions to increase the return on investments. We at iNative Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd, have a clear focus, and we deal in only certain specific technologies which enables us to specialize and provide best solutions and services. We have extremely strong business relationships with the technology leaders who are known the world over for their specific product range.

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A procedures we follow to build a new technology for improving the quality of experience.

"Requirements analysis is important aspect of project management. Requirements analysis process is for determining user expectations for a new or modified product".

"Process of developing software in several series of steps in successive phases and testing the software to identify gapsand missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements".

"Final stage testing (Beta) before it is commercially released. Live release is process to launcing new product to market".

"A product requires ongoing maintenance, enhancements or plug-ins, in order to match the shifting market needs and newer technology platforms".

What Our Customers Think

"You were organised very easy to work with. I am extremely pleased with the work done by iNative. It was an absolute good to work with you and I felt the quality of your work was excellent".Medintu
The cooperation is good and the level of service we receive from iNative fulfils our needs. They are truly agile and are able to react promptly to changes that we need to face.UK Grocery Market
iNative did a good job, and we knew exactly what to expect. They worked together well under pressure and delivered in the face of a really tight deadline. They really took their job seriously and treated customers with respect.Yenoh Soft


Inative News

  • 2016
  • 8 April 16

    iNative and Medintu

    iNative and Medintu Partnered for developing Healthcare Solution

  • 25 April 16

    APSRTC Signed with iNative

    "APSRTC Signed with iNative for developing revenue dashboard".

  • 15 October 15

    iNative joint development

    iNative joint development with 8020 Systems.

  • 10 June 2016

    UK Grocery Stores

    "UK Grocery Stores partnered with iNative for development and support".

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